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PHDL Youth


July 24, 2020


The Board of Directors of the Peel Halton Soccer Association regret to advise the membership that the DPHDL (Grassroots 8-12) and the YPHDL leagues have been cancelled for the 2020 outdoor season.

We have worked on various models and contingencies based on the return to play model reaching Phase 3 in time to allow for a season. It is clear that we are not going to reach that point anytime soon. With health and welfare being our primary concern and the quality of competition being secondary we do not believe it is prudent to continue on hold.

With the protocols planned, there are necessary steps and implementation of various safety procedures to mitigate COVID-19 risks and implications as part of the league rules. The BOD believes that a part of this risk exposure to the league, clubs/academies and team staff is due to the lack of an Ontario Ministerial Order.  The so called ‘Good Samaritan Law’ that protects sports associations and their staff/volunteers from any potential litigation brought on by COVID-19 has been done in British Columbia. This should be a mandatory part of the return to play protocol, but this key item has not been forthcoming.

Consequently, the PHSA Board of Directors have unanimously moved to cancel the 2020 league season.

As you well know, expenses for the leagues do not start when teams step on the pitch. We have staff salaries, benefits, offices, IT and other admin costs which run throughout the year. However, we also appreciate that our members are the same position and therefore the PHSA will be refunding the registration fees for the 2020 outdoor season to all clubs and academies. Staff will prepare, report and refund accordingly.

The staff and board will be meeting in the coming weeks to set a plan for 2021, including placements. The league will advise details as the become available.  

The staff and board of the PHSA wish all participants the very best in these difficult times. We hope that your organizations are fairing well and that your communities, players, coaching staff, staff and members are well.

Be Well!

PHSA Board of Directors



April 25, 2020

Friends in soccer.

On behalf of the staff and the Board of Directors of the Peel Halton Soccer Association, we would like to thank you for your continued support and participation in the beautiful game during these difficult times. Like all of you we remain focused on the needs of our community and safety for all.  We continue to plan in anticipation of the notice for Return to Play.

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on a few league specific items for both the District Youth League U13-U18 and the Grassroots U8-U12 Development League.

Once Ontario Soccer has reached a decision in identifying a Return to Play date, we will be able to apply a model we have developed for the season.

League staff will be in communication with each of you to confirm your entries in both the Development and Youth Leagues.

  • In the event that you have a team which is unable to participate this season, there will be no withdrawal fees or fines applied.
  • If you find that you have an additional team that you want to enter, the league will waive the late entry charge.

League staff will confirm your field permits and advise of potential additional dates needed to complete a season.

Once confirmations are received, we will proceed with scheduling. In view of the abbreviated season we will be cancelling the League Cup for 2020 to reduce the field demand and allow us to get league games completed. Our current model uses a July 2nd start that will allow us to complete YPHDL (U13-U17) by the end of September.  For the Development League we have developed 2 models.  One for a nine-weekend schedule and the second for a seven-weekend schedule.  This would extend the season into September.  Options will be discussed once the Return to Play is given.

  • Blackout dates will only be honoured for tournaments that have already been booked and paid for (proof registration is required)
  • Games cancelled as a result of weather may not be possible to reschedule. In the event a game cannot be rescheduled, the match will be registered as a tie with each team receiving one point.

With the announcements cancelling U21 programs we have received a number of inquiries asking if we would be able to offer under 21 this year. Certainly, we will consider this once the Return to Play date is received. Staff will circulate a questionnaire to see potential registration and field assignment to facilitate an under 21 program.  If you think that you may have teams interested in this age group, please communicate the possibility to the office.


For the Development League

  • Coaches will not be required to complete the Laws of the Game session for this year.
  • Coaches who require OS levels, such as FUNdamentals or Learn to Train will be allowed into the system.  Please submit course receipts in the interim.
  • Coaches will still need to show completion of the online courses; Respect in Soccer, Making Headway and Making Ethical Decisions.
  • Individual player awards will be discontinued for this season.
  • Game Day rosters are still in effect.

Once we have the season underway the league will complete a review and recalculation of league fees based on the abbreviated season.

The league is looking to support you in your efforts to serve your members. Collectively, we can deliver a quality Outdoor program in 2020. We understand the strain that this outbreak has placed on clubs, parents and your players. We thank you once again for your support and your service to the community.

Be well, be safe and we look forward to the return of the beautiful game.

Peel Halton SA
Staff & BOD

Peel Halton District League

The Peel Halton District League is a reflection of the high level of sophistication and competition of our member Clubs and the out of District Clubs who look to compete here.

The PHDL offers tiered levels offering meaningful competition opportunities to aid in player development.


PHDL Club Colours

We have received many inquiries regarding Club uniform colours and conflicts that may arise on the field.  

Per league rules all teams are required to wear registered Club colours for their home and away uniforms.

In the event of a conflict the home team is required to change into their registered away colours.

YPHDL Club Colours



We follow Ontario Soccer’s Discipline Policies and Procedures: 
Discipline Section 12- CLICK TO VIEW


Attention all Clubs & Team Officials,

Please read the below to ensure all your Teams are in compliance with the league rules.

  1.       OS ID Cards & District Stamped Contact sheet are required for each and every league game.

Team Regulations Rule 5 VI:

All players and team officials must have an OS Registration book/card validated by the District. The Registration book or card must present at all games and discipline hearings.

Any team using OS ID Cards must have the District stamped Team Contact Sheet.  ID cards are not valid without the stamped contact sheet.

Team Regulations Rule 5 IX:

If no books/cards are available for the entire team the game will not be played and the team will forfeit the game. The opposing team will win the game by a score of 1:0 and will be awarded the points for the game. In the event that the game is played despite one team having no books/cards the result of the game will be void and the team with no books/cards will forfeit the game.

Failure to comply with the above league rules will result in the Club/Team forfeiting the game along with a fine of $250.00 per infraction as outlined in Appendix A.

All teams are required to play in their registered colours, be in possession of valid player ID Cards together with a current stamped team contact report from their Home District Association.

Please be advised that, upon arrival at the pitch and prior to the commencement of the match if the above-noted is not in compliance, you are not to proceed with the match.  Teams that are non compliant will be responsible for total field cost, 100% of Match Official fees, as well as applicable fines.

2. Club Colours

Team Responsibilities Rule 7 III:

All teams will register colours for their home and away uniforms with the PHDL, and will wear the appropriate registered uniform for all games. Home and away uniforms must be different colours.

Per league rules all teams are required to wear registered Club colours for their home and away uniforms. Team failing to provide/comply with Team Responsibilities under section 7 will be fined  per the Appendix A:

1st Seasonal offence: $125.00 Fine

2nd Seasonal offence: $250.00 Fine

Each subsequent offence: $400.00 Fine

Match Official Evaluation



Just like players and coaches, match officials and their assistants are refining their skills and gaining experience.
Here is your opportunity to tell them and us how they did.
Remember Match Officials, like all participants in the game deserve RESPECT.

CLICK HERE and tell us how they did!


Lori DiMatteo

League Administration

Phone: 905-890-1568 ex 102

Discipline Case Manager