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PHDL Youth

League Schedules & Standings

The Peel Halton District League is a reflection of the high level of sophistication and competition of our member Clubs and the out of District Clubs who look to compete here.

The PHDL offers tiered levels offering meaningful competition opportunities to aid in player development.

2018 Awards Presentations

Date: Sun Oct 14, 2018
Location: Sheridan Trafalgar Campus - Convention Centre
Address: 1430 Trafalgar Rd Oakville, ON L6H 2L1

The 1st place team of each division will be invited to attend the  2018 Awards Presentation.

The Players/ Team Officials of each team will be presented a Championship Medal.

Teams have been sent an invitation with specific details such as presentation time along with parking code for the venue.

PHSA Positions for GHSL/YPHDL

Pleased be advised that there will be no challenge matches for PHSA positions in the GHSL or YPHDL for the Outdoor season.

There will be a promotion / relegation process announced after the final season matches and Clubs will be notified accordingly.

The league staff will release the promotion/ relegation process to the Clubs once approved by the PHSA Board of Directors.

Thank-you for your patience and understanding.

League Cup 2018

Saturday Sept 08th saw the majority of the League Cup finals for both the GHSL and PHDL being held in Milton.

Golden Horseshoe SL

U13G Champions Erin Mills SC Finalists North Mississauga SC
U13B Champions Milton Youth SC Finalists Bolton Wanderers SC

U14G Champions NRSP Finalists Caledon
U14B Champions TBD Finalists TBD

U15G Champions NRSP Finalists Brams United
U15B Champions Milton Youth SC Finalists NRSP

U16G Champions North Mississauga SC Finalists Clarkson
U16B Brampton Youth SC Finalists Hamilton United Gold

U17G Champions NRSP Finalists Clarkson SC
U17B Champions Oakville SC Finalists Caledon SC

Peel Halton District League

U13G Champions Brams United SC Finalists Georgetown
U13B Champions Croatia Noval Finalists Brampton East

U14G Champions Dixie SC Finalists Oakville SC
U14B  Champions Bolton Wanderers SC Finalists Milton Youth SC

U15G Erin Mills SC Finalists Brams United SC
U15B Futsal Club Toronto Finalists Oakville SC

U16G Champions Oakville SC Finalists Burlington Youth SC
U16B Champions Erin Mills SC Finalists Milton Youth

U17G Champions Erin Mills SC Finalists Clarkson SC
U17B Champions Erin Mills SC Finalists Burlington Youth SC



Attention all Clubs & Team Officials,

The 2018 Outdoor Season is well underway and we have had an overwhelming number of infractions occur.  Please read the below to ensure all your Teams are in compliance with the league rules.

  1.       OS ID Cards & District Stamped Contact sheet are required for each and every league game.

Team Regulations Rule 5 VI:

All players and team officials must have an OSA Registration book/card validated by the District. The Registration book or card must present at all games and discipline hearings.

Any team using OS ID Cards must have the District stamped Team Contact Sheet.  ID cards are not valid without the stamped contact sheet.

Team Regulations Rule 5 IX:

If no books/cards are available for the entire team the game will not be played and the team will forfeit the game. The opposing team will win the game by a score of 1:0 and will be awarded the points for the game. In the event that the game is played despite one team having no books/cards the result of the game will be void and the team with no books/cards will forfeit the game.

Failure to comply with the above league rules will result in the Club/Team forfeiting the game along with a fine of $250.00 per infraction as outlined in Appendix A.

All teams are required to play in their registered colours, be in possession of valid player ID Cards together with a current stamped team contact report from their Home District Association.

Please be advised that, upon arrival at the pitch and prior to the commencement of the match if the above-noted is not in compliance, you are not to proceed with the match. 

2. Club Colours

Team Responsibilities Rule 7 III:

All teams will register colours for their home and away uniforms with the PHDL, and will wear the appropriate registered uniform for all games. Home and away uniforms must be different colours.

Per league rules all teams are required to wear registered Club colours for their home and away uniforms. Team failing to provide/comply with Team Responsibilities under section 7 will be fined  per the Appendix A:

1st Seasonal offence: $125.00 Fine

2nd Seasonal offence: $250.00 Fine

Each subsequent offence: $400.00 Fine

2018 Club Colours

We have received many inquiries regarding Club uniform colours and conflicts that may arise on the field.  

Per league rules all teams are required to wear registered Club colours for their home and away uniforms.

In the event of a conflict the home team is required to change into their registered away colours.

Please note: This list reflects the Home & Away Colours registered by the Club in Sched2k.

2018 Kick-off Meeting

The YPHDL Kick-off meeting was held as a LIVE webinar on Thursday May 10th,  2018 at 7PM.

Thank-you to everyone that joined us.  We hope you found it informative.

Here is a link to our Power Point Presentation from the Webinar for your reference:


We follow Ontario Soccer’s Discipline Policies and Procedures: 
Discipline Section 12- CLICK TO VIEW

Match Official Evaluation



Just like players and coaches, match officials and their assistants are refining their skills and gaining experience.
Here is your opportunity to tell them and us how they did.
Remember Match Officials, like all participants in the game deserve RESPECT.

CLICK HERE and tell us how they did!


Michelle Ham

League Manager

Phone: 905-890-1568 ex 27

Lori DiMatteo

League Administration

Phone: 905-890-1568 ex 25