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July 24, 2020


The Board of Directors of the Peel Halton Soccer Association regret to advise the membership that the DPHDL (Grassroots 8-12) and the YPHDL leagues have been cancelled for the 2020 outdoor season.

We have worked on various models and contingencies based on the return to play model reaching Phase 3 in time to allow for a season. It is clear that we are not going to reach that point anytime soon. With health and welfare being our primary concern and the quality of competition being secondary we do not believe it is prudent to continue on hold.

With the protocols planned, there are necessary steps and implementation of various safety procedures to mitigate COVID-19 risks and implications as part of the league rules. The BOD believes that a part of this risk exposure to the league, clubs/academies and team staff is due to the lack of an Ontario Ministerial Order.  The so called ‘Good Samaritan Law’ that protects sports associations and their staff/volunteers from any potential litigation brought on by COVID-19 has been done in British Columbia. This should be a mandatory part of the return to play protocol, but this key item has not been forthcoming.

Consequently, the PHSA Board of Directors have unanimously moved to cancel the 2020 league season.

As you well know, expenses for the leagues do not start when teams step on the pitch. We have staff salaries, benefits, offices, IT and other admin costs which run throughout the year. However, we also appreciate that our members are the same position and therefore the PHSA will be refunding the registration fees for the 2020 outdoor season to all clubs and academies. Staff will prepare, report and refund accordingly.

The staff and board will be meeting in the coming weeks to set a plan for 2021, including placements. The league will advise details as the become available.  

The staff and board of the PHSA wish all participants the very best in these difficult times. We hope that your organizations are fairing well and that your communities, players, coaching staff, staff and members are well.

Be Well!

PHSA Board of Directors

July 20th Updates

Ontario Soccer has announced the start  of Phase 2 of the Return To Play Plan for some parts of the province.


Clubs and Academies remain in Phase 1 and must continue to follow the guidelines that apply to that phase.

Please refer to the updated Return to Play Guide for specifics on health and safety protocols and recommendations as part of Ontario Soccer’s Phase 2 of Return to Play.

Organizations which have not yet completed the Return to Play protocols, must complete the following three (3) critical sport specific steps, prior to commencing soccer activity in Phase 2.  


June 22 Updates

Premier Ford has announced that restrictions in Peel Region will be relaxed as Wednesday June 24th.

Before the community gets ahead of itself ask, What does this mean?

Ontario Soccer Phase 1 is for training only in small groups 10 or less including the Coach. There are steps which must followed by the Club and the Club is responsible for the actions of their Coaches and teams.

Club Responsibility, these steps should be complete before clubs Return to Play.

  1. Create a Return to Play plan for their club, they are welcome to use the RTP guide produced by Ontario Soccer.
  2. Complete the Canada Soccer Assessment Tool
  3. Must check with their local Public Health Authorities to ensure they can proceed with training.  At this time Peel & Halton Regions have approved the start.
  4. Clubs must educate all Coaches, Managers and staff on the Club Return To Play plan. A policies and procedures must be in place.
  5. Coaches, team staff that do not follow the Club plan of violate the Ontario Soccer RTP guides will face discipline, long term suspensions and the Club can be sanctioned. 

Notes: Canada Soccer, Ontario Soccer and Districts do not review or approve the Clubs RTP guide.

When using the Ontario Soccer RTP guide as their own, clubs must note that the content used cannot be used in a manner that does not align with Ontario Soccer and the Government of Ontario’s COVID-19 directives, protocols and guidelines that are in place now and in the future.

    Return-To-Play Update


    As you are aware Ontario Soccer has released the Return To Play Guide.

    This release is not opening the gates and return to ‘normal’. At this time while Ontario Soccer has published a guide for the return to play, the province has not authorized groups to start training.

    All groups or organizations that are advertising or announcing the start of play, or leagues or competition in violation of the province and Ontario Soccer rules and subject to fines and sanctioning. This includes private facilities.

     It will take each organization some time to review and absorb the information in the guide and prepare their organization to meet the required protocols. It should be clear that there is a lot of risk related detail in the document. The conditions, forms and steps are required and must be undertaken before any activity is started and is for the protection of all.

    This guide was created in consultation with its sport partners Canada Soccer, the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario and the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. The plan and guide were submitted and approved by Canada Soccer and adopted by the Ontario Soccer Board of Directors.

    Without an approval certificate your organization will risk fines and sanctioning if your teams start training or activities of the Phases. To quote the Guide “Organizations, teams, and/or coaches that offer soccer activity and do not comply with these recommendations and guidelines may be subject to sanctioning.”

    Peel Halton will be holding a Return-To-Play Virtual Roundtable meeting for members on Tuesday June 16 at 7 PM. The meeting is for the Club/academy representative and TD’s.  If you have not received an invitation form the PHSA staff please contact the office.

    Be well


    Please note that only the following official Peel Halton Soccer Association emails are to be used when corresponding with the Peel Halton Soccer Association Board of Directors and Employees:

    William Hay -
    Paula Phillips -
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    Michael Winstanley -
     Any and all emails sent to a personal email address will not be acknowledged, addressed or acted upon.

    Thank you,

    PHSA Board of Directors.


    Futsal has been part of Peel Halton's key initatives for the past six years. We struggled to get the Futsal program under way but with Futsal Club Toronto becoming a member Club in the District and TD's and coaches seeing the value in the game, we are growing every year.

    We had teams in competition from U9 this year and many of the age divisions champions were decided in their final matches.

    Peel Halton will be a key part of the Ontario Soccer initiative to build Futsal across the province.


    Providing meaningful competition is the primary function of leagues under the Ontario Soccer umbrella.

    For more information on leagues CLICK HERE


    6625 Kitimat Road, Unit 46
    Mississauga, ON L5N 6J1
    (905) 890-1568


    Vital Information for players, parents and Coaches including the new Canada Soccer Concussion Policy which has been adopted by Ontario Soccer and Peel Halton.

    Review the materials on Rowen's Law and your resonsabilities under this provincial legislation




    Sam Snow February 13, 2020

    Leading Soccer Expert Sam Snow on A Pathway For Success in Youth Soccer

    Anything worth achieving is worth working for, but having expert guidance can make a huge difference, especially in the highly competitive world of American youth soccer. Here is SoccerToday’s youth soccer expert, Sam Snow’s proverbial Right Stuff.

    Sam Snow is the former longtime Technical Director of US Youth Soccer and now is the founder of American Made Soccer Consultants. Snow has over forty years of experience as a coach, player, and administrator in soccer in the USA.

     For the full article: CLICK HERE


    The new Ontario Soccer Club & Academy Registry is operational. To assist registrars in navigating the system there are a number of resources available to assist. For more information. CLICK HERE


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