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    October 14th saw the final steps in the governance transition at Ontario Soccer. After 34 years Ontario Soccer has now shifted to a skills based policy Board of Directors. The new Ontario Soccer Board of Directors is comprised of twelve (12) Directors including a President, Vice-President, five (5) Regional Directors and two (2) Independent Directors elected by the Voting Members and three (3) Designated Directors recommended by the Nominations Committee.

    We have a new President, Peter Augruso  and Vice President Brenda Brown. I am pleased to announce that our own Alice Strauchen, PHSA Secretary has been elected a the Regional Representative for the South.

    Alice has been an active member of the District both at Georgetown SC, a member of League Management Committee, Discipline Committee, numerous panels and as the PHSA Secretary.

    As a result of Alice's confirmation yesterday I received the following Communication this morning:

    William, as you know my nomination to the Ontario Soccer board was approved yesterday and as such I need to officially resign from my role on the Peel Halton board. I will remain Chair of the Nominations Committee and see that process through and it is in good shape.

    I won’t be far away and for sure our paths will continue to cross. Hope my last two years has left some positive value with the PHSA board. It will be interesting times ahead.
    Have a great day

    I know the membership joins me in thanking Alice for he contributions and we looking forward to her continued application of knowledge, wisdom and good judgement at the Ontario Soccer Board table.

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    Providing meaningful competition is the primary function of leagues under the OSA umbrella.

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    Brampton Youth SC, Brams United and Brampton East SC have announced their intention to amalgamate. The three Club Boards of directors have publish announcements on Club websites and have advised staff and coaches of their plans.


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