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OSA Strategic Plan

   2016 - 2018

As a synopsis of the comprehensive strategic planning document that will guide the OSA's activities over the next three years, this pamphlet is intended as a marketing resource to highlight the OSA's updated vision, mission, organizational values, strategic imperatives and key aspirations.

Strategic Plan 2016-2018.pdf

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Staff and Members of the Peel Halton Soccer Association, it is with great sadness that we report the loss of Peter Mele.


We express our condolences to the Mele family.

New C License course


The Ontario Soccer Association's Coaching
Department is pleased to announce that they have
received the course content and permission from
the Canadian Soccer Association to start to
facilitate the new C License course. This course
will replace the current
Pre B Course and will be valid for 5 years. 

The C License course is NCCP recognized and
will have 40 hours of theory and on-field
education. When the course has concluded, the
attending coach will have the status of "in-training"
registered on their profile in the NCCP locker. 
The coach will then have the option to have a post
course on-field assessment. If the coach is
successful in meeting the standard during the
assessment, his/her status will move from
"in-training" to "trained" on the locker and be 
awarded a C License certificate. 

The coaching department has several Pre B
Courses scheduled for September and
October 2015 and will be replacing these Pre B
Course with the new C License.

Visit Coach Centre to find and register for
upcoming courses.

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