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Golden Horseshoe Soccer League

GHSL - NOTICE - JULY 8, 2020


We often reflect that each season, since the inception of the GHSL, we have faced some event or challenge which tests our abilities. When we began working on the 2020 season last November, we had no way of foreseeing what this pandemic would throw at us.

Since March we have worked on various models and contingencies based on a return to normal. These are uncharted times and like each of you we have looked to the health authorities, government and our governing bodies for direction and support.

In keeping with the protocols, we have planned to take the necessary steps and implement various safety procedures to mitigate COVID-19 risks and implications as part of GHSL league rules. The GHSL believes that a part of this risk exposure to the league, clubs/academies and team staff is the lack of an Ontario Ministerial Order that protects sports associations and their staff/volunteers from any potential litigation brought on by COVID-19 has been done in British Columbia. This should be  a mandatory part of the return to play protocol, this key item has not been forthcoming.

While Ontario Soccer has entered Phase 1 throughout the province and part may see the transition to Phase 2 soon it is clear that we are some distance from a Phase 3 competitive play. The hope of having a regional competitive season, condensed or modified seems remote.  In fact, there is reasonable doubt that we will see indoor competition before the new year in many parts of the province.

Consequently, the GHSL Board of Directors have moved to cancel the 2020 league season.

Our focus, as a league, has been and shall be to provide meaningful competition in a positive safe environment. We do not believe that condensing a schedule, playing two-three games a week, exposing players and team staff to increased risk just to complete a schedule is in the best interest of anyone.

Expenses for the league do not start when teams step on the pitch. We have staff salaries, benefits, offices, IT and other admin costs which run throughout the year. However, we also appreciate that everyone is in the same position and therefore the GHSL will be refunding the registration fees for the 2020 outdoor season to all clubs. Staff will prepare, report and refund accordingly.

The staff and board will be meeting in the coming weeks to set a plan for 2021, including placements. The league will advise details as the are available.  

The staff and board of the GHSL wish all participant the very best of health in these difficult times. Invest the time to train and prepare. We will get back on the pitch, we will get back to test our skills and resolve in competition.

Be Well! See you next season.
GHSL Board of Directors



April 25, 2020



We trust that all of you are fairing well during this crisis and that, like us you are focused on a Return To Play date.

As you are well aware Ontario Soccer has extended the sanctioning prohibition through the end of May. The league staff had prepared schedules based on June 1st and June 15th start dates, however with most municipalities announcing field closures until July 1st, we have adjusted.

Clearly, much of our modelling is based on key factors:

  • When sanctioning will be restored by CSA and OS
  • When the municipalities will have fields available
  • Can Clubs secure turf field for early matches while the grass fields are made ready
  • How many teams will participate
  • Will the municipalities allow permits to extend the outdoor season through September, even early October

These are all unknowns which impact planning for the season.

What we have determined:

  • There will be no League Cup for this season. This will reduce games and ease the field demand.
  • A shortened season, starting as late as July 20 is still viable by extending into the first week of October.
  • If the Return to Play is not possible until August, GHSL will develop a series of weekend and/or weekday events that will provide some competition to supplement player training.
  • In the event that there is no season, or the season is shortened, the league will refund fees accordingly to the Clubs.

At this point we can only anticipate a date and be prepared to react to that announcement.

We wish you and your members the very best, be well.


Golden Horseshoe S.L. Board of Directors

Golden Horseshoe Soccer League

The Golden Horseshoe Soccer League is the regional league for the south region; The league is made up of:

  • Niagara Soccer Association
  • Hamilton & District Soccer Association
  • Peel Halton Soccer Association

Each district is allotted positions in age group/gender from U13 to U18. Each district establishes the criteria for the population of the respective positions in each division.


League Management



GHSL Club Colours

We have received many inquiries regarding Club uniform colours and conflicts that may arise on the field.  

Per league rules all teams are required to wear registered Club colours for their home and away uniforms.

In the event of a conflict the home team is required to change into their registered away colours.

GHSL Club Colours


We follow Ontario Soccer’s Discipline Policies and Procedures: 
Discipline Section 12- CLICK TO VIEW


Attention all Clubs & Team Officials,

Please read the below to ensure all your Teams are in compliance with the league rules. 

  1.       OS ID Cards & District Stamped Contact sheet are required for each and every league game.

Team Regulations Rule 5 VI:

All players and team officials must have an OSA Registration book/card validated by the District. The Registration book or card must present at all games and discipline hearings.

Any team using OS ID Cards must have the District stamped Team Contact Sheet.  ID cards are not valid without the stamped contact sheet.

Team Regulations Rule 5 IX:

If no books/cards are available for the entire team the game will not be played and the team will forfeit the game. The opposing team will win the game by a score of 1:0 and will be awarded the points for the game. In the event that the game is played despite one team having no books/cards the result of the game will be void and the team with no books/cards will forfeit the game.

Failure to comply with the above league rules will result in the Club/Team forfeiting the game along with a fine of $250.00 per infraction as outlined in Appendix A.

All teams are required to play in their registered colours, be in possession of valid player ID Cards together with a current stamped team contact report from their Home District Association.

Please be advised that, upon arrival at the pitch and prior to the commencement of the match if the above-noted is not in compliance, you are not to proceed with the match.  Teams that are non compliant will be responsible for total field cost, 100% of Match Official fees, as well as applicable fines.

2. Club Colours

Team Responsibilities Rule 7 III:

All teams will register colours for their home and away uniforms with the GHSL, and will wear the appropriate registered uniform for all games. Home and away uniforms must be different colours.

Per league rules all teams are required to wear registered Club colours for their home and away uniforms. Team failing to provide/comply with Team Responsibilities under section 7 will be fined  per the Appendix A:

1st Seasonal offence: $125.00 Fine

2nd Seasonal offence: $250.00 Fine

Each subsequent offence: $400.00 Fine

Match Official Evaluation



Just like players and coaches, match officials and their assistants are refining their skills and gaining experience.
Here is your opportunity to tell them and us how they did.
Remember Match Officials, like all participants in the game deserve RESPECT.

CLICK HERE and tell us how they did!


Lori DiMatteo

League Administration

Phone: 905-890-1568 ex 102

Discipline Case Manager