The OSA Grassroots Development Officer Bobby Lennox today released the new OSA Grassroots Provincial Curriculum

The LTPD Grassroots coaching curriculum has been created for Districts, Clubs, Academies and Coaches to follow a provincial coaching curriculum that is stage-specific for players from four to twelve years of age.

The information and guidelines within the curriculum will allow members to create coaching programs and sessions that address the 4-corner development of every player. The easy to follow, simply laid out charts, guides and sessions will help coaches, at every stage, to create exciting, challenging practices for their young players to enjoy.

The coaching philosophy (and methodology, with samples included) that shapes this approach will guide coaches to the appropriate teaching tools to use with the variety of learning styles required for a group of young players.

You can download these three documents here:

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Long Term Player Development is an initiative from Canada Sport For Life and the Canadian Soccer Association. LTPD is a pathway to take the way in which we view the game from a results driven model, an adult / professional structure top to bottom to one which focuses on best practices for the players.

LTPD is not just a fad—here today and gone tomorrow. It is an approach to player development that is already successfully in place in some of the best soccer-playing countries around the world.

The science and research behind LTPD is clear. The background research on the benefits of LTPD is exhaustive.

For the recreational player, at the early ages, (what we call Active Start, FUNdamentals and Learn to Train) we will emphasize physical literacy and building basic athleticism in young athletes while developing programs that most importantly make the sport fun—and keep kids playing soccer.

Over time we will be re-shaping our League structures so they make more sense geographically and in terms of competition and player development

We will de-emphasize, at the earlier ages, scores, standings and things like promotion and relegation that a) are counter-productive to best-practices in coaching, and b) hinder player creativity and individual skills development.

For the competitive and “elite” player, we will provide an environment that focuses on skill development, understanding the game and decision-making—as is done in the top soccer countries.

We will better train and develop these talented young players, and will also identify more of them at the local and regional level so more good players receive the best coaching available and have the opportunity to progress to play for our provincial and national teams.

We are focused on a player centric development model which is gear to build physical literacy, core skills and a love for the game.

The PHDL Development is designed by the district and our member Clubs. We are building on the best practices brought forward by FIFA Grassroots, the CSA and OSA in conjunction with our own successful program

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