This is a reminder that coaches require certain coacing qualifications (depending ont he age division they are coaching) along with Respect in Soccer and Making Ethical Decisions.

Please ensure that your coaches are properly certified.

As this is an OSA Policy, no exceptions to this rule will be permitted.


Hello District Administrators,

Please accept the following email as a friendly reminder of the 5-year expiry to both Pre B and Provincial B and National B Coaching courses. It is imperative that the Districts ask their coaches when registering for proof of their certifications and to ensure that the coaches certifications have not expired. If they have, they need to be re - certified and should be directed to the OSA website to register for a Pre B course OR to take the B Licence 1-day refresher course. For more information on the expiration process for the Pre B and B Licence Coaching courses, please see below, or refer to the OSA website. Your support and assistance is appreciated.

The Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) in conjunction with the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) is improving the content of its course material at the A and B Licence levels. This is critical in ensuring that the most current and relevant information is provided to soccer coaches across Canada. It is therefore imperative that Ontario coaches keep informed and up-to-date on the changes made within the CSA’s License system. To ensure that we maintain standards and align with National direction, the Ontario Soccer Association, in conjunction with the CSA, has introduced a 5-year expiry date for both the Provincial B Licence and the Pre B Assessment course.

Therefore, as of January 2014:

1) Coaches who obtained their Provincial B Licence (either through course or by equivalency) prior to Jan 1st, 2009 will update with a Provincial B re-certification course. (Unless they have obtained higher OSA recognised certification since that date). Coaches will have until July 2015 to attend a Provincial B refresher course.

2) Coaches who obtained a Pre B Assessment pass before January 1st 2009 are now encouraged to retake their Pre B Course in full. (Unless they have obtained higher OSA recognised certification since that date). All Pre B’s that have expired will have to be re-taken by July 2015.

B Licence:

If you currently hold a Provincial B Licence Certification that is more than five years old as of January 1st, 2014, (obtained prior to January 1st,2009) then your certification has expired and you will be required to attend an Ontario Soccer Association B Licence Re-Certification course.

The Re-Certification course will consist of an online Laws of the Game exam, combined with a one-day in-person course. 80% is the pass rate. There are unlimited attempts allowed. The in-class course will take place at the B Licence Course location(s). There will be three B Licence Courses across Ontario in 2014.

The cost for re-certification is $75. To register for a B Licence Re-Certification course, please go to:

Please be advised, to register for this course, you will be required to submit the following:

1) Your B Licence Certificate

2) Proof of RIS

Pre B Assessment:

Coaches who hold a passing grade from a Pre B Assessment Course, that is now over 5 years old (prior to January 1st 2009), will attend another Pre B Assessment Course with the OSA to receive the updates. Coaches can register for any Pre B Course of their choice on the OSA website as soon as they are posted in late February.

Coaches are advised to regularly check the OSA website for new course listings:

Please be advised, to register for this course, you will be required to submit the following:

1) Your Pre B Assessment OR Soccer for Life Certification

2) Proof of RIS

3) Proof of MED

4) Letter of Recommendation from CHC/TD

On behalf of the Canadian Soccer Association and Ontario Soccer Association all District Associations and Clubs should make their coaches aware of these important new changes and assist in continuing to support the growth of the excellent coaches at your club and in Ontario.

Kathleen McCarthy

Coaching Development Coordinator

The Ontario Soccer Association

7601 Martin Grove Road

Vaughan, ON L4L 9E4

t 905.264.9390 x243

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