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The 2016-2017 Futsal Season will be 16 weeks starting the weekend of Nov 5-6.  No Games will be scheduled during Christmas Break or March Break.  

Teams will be required to use our league management system, Sched2k to generate game sheet online.  In order for your team officials to generate game sheets the Club is required to go online and assign your team officials to each Futsal team.  Once the team official has been assigned by the Club they will have access to the online system. If you have not completed this task please do so immediately.   Once team officials have been assigned the team official is required to login to the Sched2k system and enter all players into the Sched2k Team Roster.   Once players are entered game sheets for upcoming games can be generated.


No Food or drinks are allowed in facilities at any time.

Only Water is allowed.

Thank-you for your cooperation

We have received a letter of concern which advised players from one club have been approached by the opposing team coaches, asking if they would want to change programs. 

Please be reminded this is not acceptable.   All concerns such as this will be investigated and forwarded to the discipline committee.

Thank you,

Andy Leal

Peel Halton Futsal League Commissioner

It has been brought to our attention that some players are being used on more than one team in the same division.

The League rules specifically states that a player may only play on one team in the same division.(see Futsal League rules – Section 3-Player Registration and Documentation)

We are in the process of reviewing game sheets to ensure that rule has not been broken.

Please ensure that players only participate with teams to which they are rostered


Premier Men's Division starts Nov 19th


Premier Women's Division starts Nov 26:



  • There are unlimited pass backs allowed to the goal keeper. The reasoning is for the goal keeper to become familiar with ball distribution and act as a player as well, not just a goal keeper. Teams are encouraged to bring pinnies to the games to learn the substitution process in futsal.


  • As of the 26th of November 2016, there are no more unlimited passes to the goalkeeper.  Full futsal rules are now being applied to this age group.


  • For the first two weeks (Nov 7-8 & Nov 14-15)  the Futsal rules will be relaxed to let players and teams become familiar with the rules. Teams to bring pinnies to the games to allow for the substitution process in futsal. After the two week period the rules will be enforced.


Teams are required to use our System to generate game sheets.

If a Club has not assigned team officials in the system teams will not be able to populate roster within our system and will not be able to generate the required game sheets.





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