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Our Development program for U8-U12 provides member Clubs the opportunity to provide meaningful competition to the Grassroots players in Festival formats in support of their technical program.

Clubs register positions in either Target or Development based on the pool of players they have available. Utilizing 'Game Day Rosters' the Club assigns players to compete one one squad. Over the twelve week schedule the Club through their Technical staff can add players, move between levels and try different combinations to foster the individual training programs. There are no artifical constructs imposed on players in the PHDL. No standings to worry about, just the opportunity to go out and apply the skills learned in training during the week.

The Club sets their training program know that they have a fixed match schedule which does not vary week to week. Most Clubs train by age group offering players the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities to coaches. Matches then become a support mechanism for training, a venue to apply new skills in a fun environment.

All matches are played on Saturday mornings. Fixed host sites provide a quality facility for every match. With multiple Clubs playing games at one location over the day; coaches, players and parents have the opportunity to see teams from throughout the District in a match situation. Our Festivals are fully staffed with a Field Convener and Game Day Staff to ensure a smooth operations.

We are now well into the Development Festival Season.  Teams should have now had time to work out any issues or glitches regarding proper generation of game sheets, procedure for signing in at games, and game attendance.

The published fines will  implemented for failure to meet/abide by the league rules.

Non SCHED2K generated or hand written game sheets incur a $25 fine, per occurrence. 

Team Officials have received instructions on how to generate game sheets. Tutorials & instructions are available below.  If teams have difficulties, they should contact the League office for assistance ASAP.

Game sheets are to be handed to Convenors prior to the game(not directly to referees).

Teams that fail to show up for a game incur a fine of $250.00 for the first offence, $500.00 for each subsequent offence.


We need to remind everyone of the following, as a situation has already presented itself.

 There was an incident where an ambulance was not able to access a venue due to cars that were illegally parked at one of the Festival locations.

 Please stress to your Coaches, parents, etc. that they MUST adhere to the parking rules at every location.

No leniency is granted for Festivals and Parking Control will ticket and tow any illegally parked vehicles.

This year the PHDL Development League will be using League Management Software Sched2K. Teams will be required to use this software to generate game sheets for each game.  Click Here for instructions

Available "How To" Tutorials:

How to Login

Team Roster Maintenance

How to Generate Game Sheet

Match Official Reports

Just like players and coaches, match officials and their assistants are refining their skills and gaining experience.
Here is your opportunity to tell them and PHSA how they did.
Remember Match Officials, like all participants in the game deserve RESPECT.
Click the picture and tell us how they did!
2016 Information:

The Development League season will be 12 weeks
starting: Sat May 28th, 2016
ending: Sat August 27th, 2016

No games will be scheduled on the long weekends:
Sat July 2nd, 2016
Sat July 30th, 2016

Schedules are now available.  Any changes will be emailed to team officials and will be reflected online throughout the season.

New for this season – no more half games

In previous seasons half games were created due to uneven divisions.  To avoid half games this season we will be implementing the following: If two divisions in the same age group are uneven we will schedule cross-over games between the two divisions.    If only one (1) division is uneven in the age group teams will be scheduled two full games with a min of one (1) hour rest between games on some weekends.


Please feel free to review the OSA retreat line webinar below

The retreat line has been introduced in the grassroots game over the past year to help develop a young player's ability to play out from the goalkeeper and keep possession as they build an attack.

This teaching tool has also been used to help build confidence in players as they retain possession of the ball.

During the webinar the rationale behind the retreat line, the procedure and also training activities will be covered.

This is designed to help coaches, players, parents, game leaders and referees understand more about the retreat line.

Long Term Player Development (LTPD) is a player centric approach to allowing children to learn the game. LTPD is and age/development appropriate system to develop physical literacy, core skills and foster a lifelong love for the game.

LTPD is a national initiative supported by the Canadian Soccer Association and Sport  4 Life. The Ontario Soccer Association has been a principal partner in developing LTPD standards and programs. Peel Halton were pioneers and our Clubs have been early adopters of this key development system.
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