About PHSA

Established in 1978 and incorporated in 1982, the Peel Halton Soccer Association is an Ontario  not-for-profit corporation. 

The corporation is governed by an elected board of nine person and daily operations are managed by a full-time staff of five. Our seasonal events group has a compliment of 15 part-time staff. In addition, PHSA has a number of Operational Committees made up of community volunteers. 

The Peel Halton Soccer Association membership consists of: 20 Youth Clubs, 25 Senior Competitive and Recreational Clubs, 3 Ontario Soccer Referees Association Branches and 3 Leagues. With excess of 50, 000 outdoor and 20,000 indoor player registrations PHSA is the largest District Association in Canada.

PHSA is a member of the Ontario Soccer Association, PHSA is one of the twenty-one District Associations that participate in the governance of Soccer in Ontario. With representation on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Soccer Association, PHSA assists in the delivery of programs and services and the implementation of policy.

Peel Halton Soccer Association’s objectives are:

To promote, develop and govern the game, both indoor and outdoor, in the Regional Municipalities of Peel and Halton.

To represent and act on behalf of the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) in the administration of OSA programs within the District.

To represent and act on behalf of its member organizations and assist them to develop and effectively administer soccer programs.

We strive to work with our governing bodies and members to afford participants the ability  to reach their potential through the provisions of programs and best practices for developing players, coaches, match officials, and administrators.

Peel Halton Youth Soccer Association

Year                 President
1978                 Hans Kellman
1978                 Malcolm Quin

Peel Halton Soccer Association

Year                  President
1979                 Hans Kellman
1980-1981        John Morgan
1982-1983        Mike Grogan
1984                 Jim McCorquodale
1985-1986        Laurie Bell
1987 -2013       Eric Bessler
2013 -               William Hay

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